All fund raisers are similar — they solicit funds for a cause!

The reasons are varied:

  • To defeat a candidate with an opposing point of view
  • To cure a disease (to defeat a disease)
  • To educate children
  • To reduce obesity
  • To research nuclear energy
  • To support some effort

The Mission Statement, the “elevator pitch” (tell me everything about your cause in the time it takes us to go to the 3rd floor in an elevator) is ultimately a “fight,” an “issue” between the ”white hats” and the “black hats,” i.e., those who are for “it” and those who are against “it.”

The Outrage House helps in this important communication process by providing a unique, safe and humorous way to get the message across.

The propensity to donate is enhanced if the potential donor or supporter “gets” or can buy something that has value… with the “cause” benefiting from his/her activity.

If there is something to be sold, it’s important that the potential donor/supporter knows how much will go to the Cause.

In this case, The Outrage House Company can be a powerful partner in raising funds.


The potential donor will be able to visually demonstrate his/her support for the “cause.”

The mechanism is for the fund raising organization to co-brand with The OutrageHouse; to have links on their sites(s) and for each purchase of an Outrage House, the organization receives a pre-determined percentage of the Gross Revenue.

The Outrage House handles all the details of collecting the funds and delivering the Outrage house. The percentage of gross revenue is distributed to the organizations on the 5th day of the following month.

The Fund Raising organizations message can be customized. Some examples demonstrate the virtually unlimited ways the Outrage House can be used to spread a message.

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