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The concept for the OutrageHouse evolved in a meeting of an American businessman and his Canadian associates. Over dinner and drinks we were decrying the increasing examples of crude interpersonal relationships, polarization between individuals, governments, political parties and outright hostility as evidenced by road rage and of course the horrors of the world turmoil created by wars, terrorist attacks and related activities in our countries.

We wanted to create a means to vent one’s frustration, anger, indignation, out right outrage and humor in a safe and humorous way. Hence, the OutrageHouse was created. We felt that the concept would be well received in North America and would soon become an internationally recognized symbol — a unique “brand name” for safely expressing outrage. It was important that the symbol would be gender neutral; it would apply equally to men and women. The American Outhouse fitted that requirement.

And so it happened that the Outrage House was born and has been accepted worldwide.

The Outrage House® provides a uniquely American way that is safe, non-violent and humorous to express and customize your indignation and frustration at a variety of Outrages that impact us all in everyday life — but especially those that impact you personally!

The American Outhouse is a universally recognized structure and everyone knows its purpose. The Two-Story OutrageHouse is destined to become a universal symbol for expressing one’s outrage, frustration, indignation or slightly bawdy humor.

The Two Story Outhouse serves as visual “double entendre.” The bawdy message is immediately understood as dumping on the source of one’s outrage. The side of the Outrage House has two labels (signs). The upper sign is Dumpor position and the lower sign is the Dumpee position.

The signs are of Write-On material. The combination of Write-On labels and Dry Erase Pens permits you to customize your Outrage House and determine who (or what) will be the Dumpor, and who (or what) will be the Dumpee. It’s a lot of fun to determine who/what will be dumped on and who/what will do the dumping.

You will always be the “Dumpor.” The object of your indignation, dissatisfaction, frustration, humor or Outrage becomes the “Dumpee.” The signs are called Couplets. Only your imagination limits what message you wish to convey.

This product is not time-sensitive nor is it associated with any event, person or situation. Thus, it provides a long-term appeal and a way to vent your emotions in a safe and humorous manner.

With the Outrage House you won’t risk your life by engaging in road rage, physical assaults or illegal and inflammatory written or spoken diatribes. You’ll be able to entertain yourself and your friends by using this safe and unique way to vent your frustrations or show your humor.

Everyone, including the Dumpee, will chuckle at your expression of Outrage or humor.

© 2013 The Outrage House