The Outrage House® provides a uniquely American way to humorously voice, express and customize your indignation and frustration over a variety of Outrages that impact us all in everyday life — but especially those that impact you personally — in a safe non-violent manner!

The "Two Story Outhouse" is a universally recognized structure. Everyone knows its original purpose. The Two Story Outhouse is a truly appropriate symbol for expressing one’s Outrage.

The Outrage House’s DUMPOR/DUMPEE message is customizable!

Write On labels, and the enclosed Dry Erase Pen, permit purchasers to customize who will be dumped on (the Dumpee) and who will do the dumping (the Dumpor).

You become the "Dumpor" and the object of your indignation, dissatisfaction, frustration or Outrage becomes the "Dumpee." The signs, called "Couplets," can be customized. Only your imagination limits what message you wish to convey.

Because every day brings a new source of Outrage, this product is not event, person, situation or time-sensitive … thus it provides a long-term appeal and a way to vent your emotions in a safe and humorous manner.

You can place the Outrage House in the office, at home, on the desk, hung on a wall or bulletin board. Everyone, Including the Dumpee, will chuckle at your expression of Outrage.

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